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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Log-in Details

From time to time I get requests from folk for lost passwords or log-in details. There is no way I can access your passwords or log-in details. That would compromise the security of the site. If you know all the other details, you can get your missing password through Yahoo. But if it's more than that, it's easier to just sign up again.

May I respectfully suggest that you open a folder on your computer (or a note book you won't lose) and every time you join something new--even if it's just a newsletter you sign up for -- make a note of any log-in details, password, and also the email address you've used. This is important. I didn't do that initially, and have ended up with some real problems because I used the wrong email address.

If you're just starting out, you can't imagine why you'd ever have more than one email address, but somehow that develops. So just keep track of all that sort of info from now on. Type all the details for THE ONE SITE on a notepad or word document- doesn't matter which -and save it WITH THE NAME OF THE SITE. So my details for Google are called "Google".  My details for Yahoo are called "Yahoo". My details for FaceBook are called "Facebook". Nothing difficult there.

Meantime, if you're wanting to join up and you can't remember your details, write to me and I'll invite you to join CWOSA afresh - then once you've done that, I'll invite you to join the blog. (One thing at a time or we could get in a real tangle.)

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