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Thursday, 08 September 2011

Never Say Never

Here's a story I thought would appeal to most of you:
Yesterday, I came across a point in my writing that needed clarification from a map of the Caribbean. I went and got the Atlas, and on my way back to my desk, I saw my younger sister doing mapwork in the book I remembered with no pleasant feelings. I decided to show my sympathy:

"Shame, Charissa. You have to do mapwork!" And I began looking through the Atlas index.

Then my mother suddenly said, "Aren't you glad you had to do mapwork?"  And I realized that while so empathetically declaring how I had hated mapwork, I was consulting maps for my story!

Well, my family got me there. My worst fear now is that they will triumph in the maths-issue. Will I one day be caught willingly working out those sickening co-tangents or trying to integrate an awful function for fun?

1 comment:

  1. I love this, Chiara! I love it when something like this happens with my kids and they realize why something they learned is important. The skills of a writer actually go far beyond just putting down words on a paper.